There's Nothing normal about this online Boutique!  Items are hand picked by yours truly!  I sprinkled a little fairy dust in hopes of watching pieces come to life!  There's no rhyme or reason, no method to the madness, just passion.  You will find out of season, in season here at, there are no rules!  Whether you're throwing on an over-sized sweater in one state or rocking an off the shoulder romper in another, you will be fierce in adding your very own special touch.  Fashion is art, fashion is expression and you have the right to rock clothes anyway you'd like!  So I encourage you to B-BOLD, Beclectik but most of all B-You!

Chic Love,

Beclectik  xoxo

Shop the Look!

Shop the Look!


Ladies....this cardigan is gorgeous ...roomy...warm without being bulky.  Thanks @beclectik for this gorgeous addition to my winter wardobe!


For a woman the way her pants fit is everything!! THESE JEANS ARE EVERYTHING.  Super comfy and super strecthy!!!